Private Dwellinghouse, Perthshire

The client’s brief for this house was that it should be Scottish and contemporary in style, sympathetic to the surroundings, appropriate in scale to the existing cottage and designed to respond to the views from the site over Loch Tay towards the northern shore and the mountains beyond.

There was an existing cottage on the site which, for structural reasons, it became necessary to reconstruct on the existing footprint.

The entrance to the house is via the cottage front door. The intention was to understate the entrance to the house allowing the visitor to experience the changing scene through the hall, the top lit library then into the main living spaces with their panoramic views of the ever changing mood of the adjacent loch. The living and dining space, kitchen, conservatory and master bedroom all share this experience.

All these rooms with the exception of the master bedroom have the roof structure expressed. The mono-pitch shape emulates the external roof profile. The living and dining space have a gallery area located against the high diaphragm wall to the south. The gallery takes the “lazy S” form of the house plan, accentuating its shape yet providing a necessary reduction to the visual impact of the space.